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Korean War Hero's Story of God's Protection

Posted on April 18, 2018 at 11:55 PM

We met Sal T. at a retirement home in Falls Church VA. He gave us an amazing testimony of God's protection while he was fighting in Korea. Sal told us that while he was in Korea, his mother never received any of his letters. He could only guess that the U.S. wanted to avoid the public's receiving first-hand news. When he arrived home, Sal's mother was overcome when she met him at the door. Since she had heard nothing from her son for so long, she thought he had died. Although 240,000 men died in Korea, he said that, until recently, the conflict was called a police action rather than a war. Sal said that wasn't right.

Sal killed 108 of the enemy. He killed five in regular maneuvers and 103 of them single-handedly with two hand grenades tied together. In one particular battle, there were 200 Allied troops against 500 North Koreans. Back in the Bronx, Sal was an excellent baseball player although he was only 5 foot 3 inches; so he could throw a ball! When An Young B., a good friend and a South Korean soldier he had trained was shot down next to him, he was incensed. Sal ran into the woods toward the enemy. He could hear them making plans. After being in Korea for a year, Sal could understand what they were thinking of doing. He tied two grenades together, pulled the pin, waited 3 seconds, and let go of the clip. So that more damage could be done by the pieces of exploded lead, he threw the grenades over the enemy's heads. 103 North Koreans were killed in that one action.

In one battle, 12 men were sent on assignment. The commanding officer was warned it was sure death, but the officer sent them anyway. Because Sal was short, he was the last one in line. The first man stepped on a mine that exploded, and all 11 men in front of Sal died. Sal ran to catch the medics, but by the time they got to the scene, all had bled to death.

At one point, Sal fell in a huge hole. He was up to his knees in mud and up to his neck in water. Poisonous snakes were swimming all around him. He kept saying "He will never leave me nor forsake me." One snake came right up to Sal's face. In order not to give away their position, he splashed and the snake swam away. Pepe, a hero and Hungarian freedom fighter, who didn't like Sal because he was kind to the soldiers who were afraid, found Sal and got him out of the hole. With a cute smile Sal said, "My boots are still stuck in the mud".

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